Working with a variety of organizations and audiences from a dozen to over 300 through live events and webinars, Chris has earned rave reviews from clients and audience members.

* Your message was thoughtful, well-crafted and definitely made an impact on me. It was obvious you held the audience’s attention all the way through. (Linda T.)

* Your presentation was very insightful, thought provoking and inspiring. It afforded our community a valuable opportunity to deepen their understanding of the topic of cultural diversity and more importantly, created positive exchange among diverse groups. (Reginal R.)

* Your presentation was superb. There was no area in which you were not knowledgeable and all of this without notes. I commend you, young lady, on your style and presence. What a lovely role model you are. (Susan S.)

* Your presentation was outstanding in every respect. You were without a doubt the most organized and professional speaker that we have had – and we have had a large number of speakers. Your talk was very logically ordered and easy to understand. You handled the questions in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. It just couldn’t have been any better. We have received numerous comments of praise. (Dennis D.)

* Your presentation was excellent!! You must have spent a considerable amount of time on the preparation – super graphics, flawless delivery. As one who does a fair amount of public speaking and teaching, I appreciate how much effort goes into creating such a good speech … everyone in Arizona and everyone visiting the state for the first time should see it! (Betty T.)

* I do not speak Navajo, nor do I know a whole lot about it, just bits and pieces when I was growing up. I can definitely relate to your story. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me more motivation to learn more of who I am. (Kim S.)