Speaking Topics

The following are most requested topics.  Presentations are customized for the audience and time frame desired. 

American Indian Realities

The words “Native American” or “American Indian” might automatically default to visual images for some such as teepees, casinos or scenes from old Westerns.  Most people have had limited personal interaction or opportunities to obtain real information about native peoples and instead believe what they have learned from television, movies or hearsay.  It is no wonder that inaccuracies and stereotypes tend to dominate the perception of native people considering these sources. Common misperceptions are addressed about American Indian culture, population, beliefs, communication style and other aspects.

Understanding American Indian Federal Policy

American Indian people often are referred to as the First Americans; it is accepted that they were the first to settle in the area that later became known as the United States.  Many oral histories indicate that native peoples thrived on these lands since the beginning of time.  European settlement encroached on the native way of life, leading to incredible loss of land, livelihood and identity.  The role of the U.S. government throughout settlement is profound.  This informative overview addresses the history and treatment of American Indians and how extermination, assimilation and paternalism impacted tribal nations.  Today, tribes continue to persevere and change the course of history.

Remembering the Navajo Code Talkers

The story of the Navajo Code Talkers presents a unique kind of heroism during WWII. As Navajo Indians, they were called upon to use their native language as a key part of the strategy in the Pacific Theater. Their service came at a time when the U.S. government also demonstrated intent to subdue the language, culture and tradition of American Indian tribes. This multimedia presentation describes how their efforts were integral to the war’s outcome.

American Indian Culture and End of Life

Health care practitioners, caregivers and family members are critical to a loved one’s final journey.  This subject can be very difficult to discuss with American Indian families, considering their beliefs and perspectives.  Cross-cultural barriers can complicate matters. What is important when working with American Indian families?  How can healthcare professionals help provide the best care?  This presentation covers American Indian culture, end of life perspective and how to facilitate effective communication with patients and their families.

Presentation Survival Skills

Most people dread speaking in public.  This presentation will offer time-tested techniques for coming up with a topic, researching and organizing content, preparing visuals, and connecting with an audience.  Presentations are not easy for most, but they do not have to be a dreadful experience.  It is possible to approach presentations with confidence in both message and delivery.

For Real Accessibility

Even with today’s policy re: disability accommodations, Chris’ personal stories demonstrate that implementation of policy illustrate that businesses can be more disabled-friendly.  These scenarios illustrate how even small changes can improve accessible spaces for disabled workers.

Standing Tall: American Indian Leadership

Designed for youth audiences (but adaptable to others), Chris inspires native young people to consider leadership opportunities and to make a difference in their communities.  She outlines a roadmap that leaders can follow to build and enhance leadership skills.

Other Speaking Services ...

Chris has emceed numerous events.  She facilitates professional, successful and timely results.